Naturvital Fe

Liquid humic extract from leonardite with humic-fulvic acids and with potassium and iron. Provides immediate availability to plants K and Fe and facilitates the absorption of other nutrients. Iron is complexed with organic acids so that it is immediately digestible and rises quickly to the crown of plants with the current of suction potassium. Fluffy piled or compacted soils and gives consistency to sandy soils. Improves soil fertility and root function. It is highly recommended for new plantations and the beginning of new vegetation for root growth and vegetation enhancement after root use. Favors the growth of roots and plants but also beneficial microorganisms in the rhizosphere.

Brand: DaymsaCountry of origin: Spain


Total Humic Extract 16,0% (w/w)
Humic Acids 9,0% (w/w)
Fulvic Acids 7,0% (w/w)
Potassium oxide (K2O) 8,0% (w/w)
Iron (Fe) 2,0% (w/w)
Apply to the soil after the first watering, in many repetitions 3-4 liters / acre / year. It is recommended to increase the doses in soils with low organic matter content, in intensive crops (greenhouses 4-6 liters / acre), in young soils, and in cases of drip irrigation.

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