Naturcomplet G

Solid organic soil conditioner with humic-fulvic acids, potassium and iron, in granular form to facilitate mechanical application and mixing with other granular fertilizers. Improves soil fertility and the absorption and effectiveness of inorganic fertilizers. It has similar advantages to NATURVITAL-Fe but can be applied to areas where no lubrication occurs.

Brand: DaymsaCountry of origin: Spain


Organic Nitrogen (N) 1% w/w
Potassium oxide (K2 O) 5% w/w
Iron (Fe) 1% w/w
Set of organic matter 35% w/w
Organic Carbon 20,3% w/w
Set of humic extract 35% w/w
Humic acids 30% w/w
Fulvic acids 5% w/w


Doses 10-40 kg / acre / year distributed in 1-2 applications. It is recommended to increase the doses in soils with low organic matter content, in intensive crops (40-60 kg / acre), in the case of recovery of mineralized soils, etc.

Approved for use in Organic Agriculture

Safety data sheet

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