Humio 26

Liquid soil conditioner with a high percentage of fulvic and humic acids. Improves the structure and properties of the soil by favoring the exchange of ions and the absorption of nutrients by plants, which is especially important in soils with unfavorable conditions of fertility, drainage, pH, etc. Helps better water retention, ventilation, soil drainage and Cation Exchange Ability (I.A.K.). Favors the growth of roots and plants but also beneficial microorganisms in the rhizosphere.

Brand: Uvio R&DCountry of origin: Ιταλία
Total Humic Extract 26 % w/w
Humic Acids 10 % w/w
Fulvic Acids 16 % w/w

In tree crops: a total of 2.5 – 6 liters / acre, in 3 applications: spring, early summer and early autumn.
In olives and in the vineyard: at least 2 spring-summer applications with 2 liters per acre
In horticultural and ornamental: 3 – 6 liters / acre from early, 3 applications per month with hydro-fertilization giving 1-2 liters per acre each time. Combines with most fertilizers and agrochemicals, except acidic

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