Biona bosfam

Biona BOSFAM is an amino acid preparation that helps the growth of plants and stimulates the growth of dividends by encouraging cell division but also helps in good flowering and fruiting by administering boron. It also helps in dealing with stress and especially recovery after stress.

Brand: BionaCountry of origin: Spain
Free amino acids 9,3 % w/w
Boron (B) water soluble 2,1 % w/w

pH 7.1

Aminogram: Glu, Ala, Asp, Thr, Leu, Gly, Val, Tyr, Lys, Ser, Ile, His, Gln

Amino acids are derived from enzymatic hydrolysis of plant proteins

Foliar 200cc / 100 liters of water

From the root: 3 liters / 10 acres

Applications are mainly suggested:

At the beginning of vegetation
Premature for better flowering
During the fertilization of the flowers or during the fall of 75% of the petals for good fruiting and carp growth