Mikrovit molybdenum

Liquid molybdenum fertilizer for foliar application or with hydro-lubrication. It is recommended for fast metabolism of nitrates and for hormonal balance and promotion of maturation, especially in crops in acidic soils and especially in those that show high needs for molybdenum such as rapeseed, cruciferous, squash, legumes, cereals or strawberry. Winter crops are recommended in the fall in order to increase the resistance of plants to low winter temperatures.

Brand: IntermagCountry of origin: Poland
Nutrient content % (w/w) g/l
Molybdenum (Mo) water soluble 3 33

All the ingredients are water soluble

Extensive crops: Dose per spray 50–100 ml / acre. 1–3 sprays are recommended.

Winter crops – one spray is applied in autumn when 3–8 leaves have unfolded, in spring two sprays: the first after the start of the vegetation, the next every 7–21 days.

Spring cereals and other spring crops – two sprays in spring: the first after the first leaves have grown, the next every 7–21 days.

Citrus fruits, olives: Dose per spray 50–100ml / acre. 2-3 sprays are recommended. The operations are carried out in the following stages: principle of elongation of new vegetation, pre-flowers and principle of fruit growth.

Vegetables: Dose per spray 50–100 ml / acre. Rapeseed: At least 2 sprays are recommended. The first when 5–9 leaves have unfolded, the next after 14–28 days.

Other vegetables: 1–2 sprays: the first when 3–8 leaves have unfolded, the second during the growing season of the parts intended for harvest. Especially useful for quality growth of cucumber fruits.

Rapeseed seedlings: Dose per application with water lubrication 0.05–0.1 liters in 100 liters of water, by spraying 0.25–0.3 liters in 100 liters of water. An operation is recommended when the first 3–4 leaves have unfolded.

Hydro-fertilization: Recommended concentration 0.03–0.06 mg Mo in 1 liter of ready-made medium (1–2 ml of MIKROVIT MOLIBDEN fertilizer in 1000 liters of ready-made medium or 100–200 ml of fertilizer in 1000 liters of water when preparing a solution with 100 times concentration).
Apply to the soil as needed, 2-3 times during the growing season every 2-3 cycles of watering.

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