Uviamin 24

Amino acid formulation from enzymatic hydrolysis of proteins of plant origin. Stimulates plant metabolism and improves the absorption, transport and utilization of nutrients, especially in the early stages. It contains 17 crucial amino acids for plants, including over 20% glutamic acid, but also enough lysine and methionine that promote the synthesis of other amino acids and the synthesis of chlorophyll and therefore photosynthesis resulting in favored stem growth and general development of new tissues.

Brand: Uvio R&DCountry of origin: Spain

Free amino acids L

24 % β/β

pH of 1% solution in neutral reaction water 5.2 ± 1.0


• Tree crops: 2-5 liters / ton of water sprayed until pre-drainage.

• Herbaceous crops: 2-3 liters / ton of water, applying 1 – 3 liters per 10 acres.

From the root

• With flow irrigation: 2-4 liters / acre

• With localized irrigation: 0.8-1 liter / acre or in tree crops 80 – 100 cc per tree

Combines with most fertilizers and agrochemicals, except acidic.

Safety data sheet

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