Levo energy

Completely natural product in the form of WDG of high quality organic origin and special action with biostimulatory properties in which all free amino acids present (24%) are counterclockwise (L-a) extracted by enzymatic hydrolysis from solid animal epithelium. Contains 18 amino acids. It is fully and quickly assimilated by both the leaves and the root. It is recommended as a biostimulant in all crops at different stages of their development and especially in transplanting, during the growth of vegetation, in flowering, in fruiting, during the growth and ripening of fruits. LEVO-ENERGY contributes to the rapid greening of the leaves and to the increase of the size of the fruits while during the ripening of the fruits it improves their color. It can also be used to treat stress.

Brand: L.E.ACountry of origin: Ιταλία

Free amino acids L

24 %

Organic carbon (C)

46 %

C / N ratio

3,4 %

Glycine / Proline ratio

1,1 %

Degree of dry hydrolysis

> 330

Organic nitrogen (N) soluble

12 %

Aspartic acid (9.93), glutamic acid (7.25), alanine (6.90), arginine (3.20), cysteine ​​(0.10), phenylalanine (5.89), glycine (3.90) , histidine (5.40), isoleucine (1.35), leucine (11.70), lysine (7.55), methionine (1.58), proline (3.50), serine (3.65) ), tyrosine (1.89), threonine (2.53), tryptophan (1.27), valine (8.41).

pH of product at a concentration of 1% w / w 8.5 ± 0.5

Approved for use in Organic Agriculture

Safety data sheet

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