Liquid, foliar fertilizer of special technology and composition for stimulation of photosynthesis. Thanks to its special composition and INTERMAG INT technology, it achieves intense stimulation of plant metabolism and especially photosynthesis with simultaneous direct administration to plants of the nutrients critical for the production of chlorophyll, magnesium and iron, resulting in rapid recovery of plants. after stress, and finally the increase in the quantity and quality of crop production.

Brand: IntermagCountry of origin: Spain

Nutrient content

% (w/w) g/l

Magnesium oxide (MgO)

5,0 65

Sulfur trioxide (SO3)

12,5 161

Iron (Fe)

2,000 26
Doses and time of spraying The suggested recommendations are general. They can be modified taking into account the individual special needs of the plants and the conditions of each crop.
Dose of each application: 1-2 liters / 10 acres. The spray volume can be adapted to the requirements of different crops and spray techniques.


Do 2-4 sprays every 10-21 days during periods of intense plant growth, if it needs to be accelerated and if conditions of intense stress on the plants are expected.


Spray several times every 3-5 days if you notice that the plants are strained and weakened or every 3-7 days starting immediately after the strain of the crop.