Liquid nutrition product unique, high technology from leonardite with amino acids, phosphorus and potassium that improves the physicochemical and biological properties of soil, water retention, microbial action and fertility, improves the ability to exchange cations (I.A.K.). , strongly stimulates the function of the root and nourishes it. Thanks to the combination of the selected amino acids it contains with the specific humic and fulvic acids produced by its leonardite, DAYMSA itself stimulates the function of the root. Along with the phosphorus complexed in the humic extract, which thus becomes readily available to the root, but also with the potassium it contains, which creates an upward current so that the trace elements are absorbed, it nourishes and promotes root and plant growth. Thus the root has a strong growth and produces cytokines with the result that the action of the product is equivalent to 750 ppm cytokinin. It also promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the rhizosphere.

Brand: DaymsaCountry of origin: Spain


Total Humic Extract 16,0% (w/w)
Humic Acids 8,0% (w/w)
Fulvic Acids 8,0% (w/w)
Total Nitrogen (N) 0,8% (w/w)
Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2 O5), water soluble 5,0% (w/w)
Potassium oxide (K2O), water soluble 10,0% (w/w)
Free amino acids 5,0% (w/w)

It is applied to the soil with 2-3 repetitions: early in the cultivation cycle, after the rooting and before flowering but also during fruit set and fruit growth.
Dose: 1.0-1.5 liters / acre per application.

Do not mix with acid reaction products or products with divalent cations (calcium, magnesium, etc.).

Safety data sheet

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