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Liquid foliar fertilizer – stimulator of special antioxidant (anti-ROS) technology that contains a suitable mixture of trace elements. Thanks to the MAC (Metabolically Active Compounds) technology of CYTOZYME and its special composition, it achieves 1) upgrading the expression of the genes responsible for protecting plants from oxidative stress (stress), 2) stimulating plant metabolism and especially resulting in the production by plants of more useful polyphenols (important eg for the quality of olive oil) and other substances that help the resistance and growth of plants. 3) intensification of photosynthesis 4) and increase in the absorption of nutrients. Therefore it increases the endurance and acreage yield of cultivated plants, but also improves the quality of their production

Brand: CytozymeCountry of origin: Αμερική

Water soluble cobalt (Co)

0,060 %

Water soluble copper (Cu)

1,00 %

Water soluble molybdenum (Mo)

0,040 %

Water soluble manganese (Mn)

1,10 %

Water soluble zinc (Zn)

2,30 %

It is applied by foliar spraying at critical stages of development and especially in view of stress. Trace element deficiencies should be prevented before the onset of visible symptoms of malnutrition. For best results, it is recommended that the sprays be done late at sunset or very early in the morning.

* Due to the variety of varieties, it is initially recommended to apply on a small scale to control a possible spray sensitivity reaction.

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