Plonvit oilseed rape

Concentrated liquid fertilizer for foliar application that provides the plants with nutrients in such a proportion as to meet the special nutritional needs of rapeseed and other oilseeds. It has particularly high concentrations of sulfur, magnesium and of course nitrogen from the trace elements boron, manganese, iron and zinc while it also contains molybdenum, copper and titanium which are all important trace elements. It is noted that oilseed crops have increased sulfur requirements and are sensitive to boron, manganese and molybdenum deficiencies. Thanks to the complete chelation of trace elements, the nitrogen and magnesium content but also the revolutionary INT technology (Innovative Nutrient Transfer Technology), they have good and fast absorption of nutrients from plants and their utilization resulting in improved photosynthesis, growth and production. .

Brand: IntermagCountry of origin: Poland
Total nitrogen (N) 15,0
Uric nitrogen (NH2) 15,0
Magnesium oxide (MgO) 1,5
Boron (B) 0,500
Copper (Cu) is complexed with EDTA 0,100
Iron (Fe) is complexed with EDTA 0,500
Manganese (Mn) is complexed with EDTA 0,500
Molybdenum (Mo) 0,005
Zinc (Zn) is complexed with EDTA 0,500

All ingredients are water soluble

Rapeseed: Dose for each application 3 liters / 10 acres in autumn and 2 liters / 10 acres in spring. Number of suggested applications: 1 in autumn and 4 in spring.

Autumn: In the development stage of 4-8 leaves


-During spring vegetation during the growth of shoots

-Shortly before or at the beginning of flowering

-At the beginning of the fall of the petals

Early in the development of the pods

Sunflower: – Dose for each application 1.5 liters / 10 acres

Number of suggested applications 2:

In the development stage of 4-6 leaves
10-14 days later

Flax, Sesame: Dose for each application 2 liters / 10 acres

Number of suggested applications 2:

-In the development stage of the first leaves

-10-14 days later

-leaf development in the main download

-increase the main download