A product with an ideal ratio of all the required nutrients and with suitable moisturizing and penetrating substances, specially designed for good absorption by the foliage at a stage when the leaves are now adult with the aim of storing nutrients in fruit trees and vines, applied to period after harvest and before the leaves fall. The nutrients are effectively absorbed by the leaves and transferred to the bark of the shoots, contributing to good resistance to the cold of winter and spring to good flowering and fruiting, but also to vibrant new vegetation. In areas with low boron content in irrigation water should be sprayed in combination with a low-dose boron formulation.

Brand: DaymsaCountry of origin: Spain


Magnesium (MgO), water soluble 3,75 % w/v (3,0 % w/w)
Zinc (Zn), water soluble 5,00 % w/v (4,0 % w/w)
Manganese (Mn), water soluble 3,75 % w/v (3,0 % w/w)
Boron (B) water soluble 0,37 % w/v (0,3 % w/w)
Urea (N) 6,25 % w/v (5,0 % w/w)

pH of the product solution at a concentration of 1%: 6.6 (in water with a pH of 7.44)

Foliage: 2-4 liters / ton, with good wetting

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