MAXIVOL is a complex fertilizer of macro- and micronutrients with auxiliary biostimulatory growth factors that leads to increased fruit set and better maturation and production. The product works by increasing the chance of fertilization of each flower and contributes to accelerating the growth and ripening of the fruit, to a significant increase in sugars (BRIX) and the taste / aroma of the fruit, so that they are more marketable. It contributes to lively and more durable-healthy plants, to larger, heavier, sweet and fragrant fruits, resistant to infestation, and ultimately to greater profit. Especially important for warm areas at risk of periodic frosts. The amino acids it contains are derived from the enzymatic hydrolysis of proteins of plant origin.

  • Promotes its production and quality.
    Increases the resistance of plants to abiotic and biotic stresses.
    Biodegradable, environmentally friendly and safe product.
    Can be combined with standard fertilizers and pesticides in soil application.
    Provides better nutrition to plants during periods of vegetation growth and reproduction.

    with the administration of amino acids, enzymes and trace elements from organic sources.

    Contributes to resistance against diseases and enemies.
    Promotes metabolic activities by helping seed germination and regeneration

    root and vegetation growth.

    Helps to better hold the flowers, and better quality fruit with more


    Thanks to its special composition and mainly to the content in a suitable form of phosphorus,

    Boron and zinc helps the good germination of pollen grains and therefore increase fruit set and crop production.

    MAXIVOL also promotes pollination of all flowers, which is often a problem in perennial crops with a negative impact on their yield.
    In fruit and vegetable crops it improves:

    Pollination even at extreme temperatures
    The retention of more flowers and fruits in plants
    The organoleptic properties of the fruit. Improves physiological properties of the fruit
    Calcium levels and growth.
    Maintains auxin levels in plants with delayed growth.
    Reduces ethylene levels and allows the movement of auxin to the flowers.

Brand: Uvio R&DCountry of origin: Ιταλία
Ingredient Concentration (% w / w)
Free amino acids 5,00
Phosphorus (P2Ο5) 15,00
Potassium (K2Ο) 20,00
Iron (Fe) 0,03
Manganese (MnΟ) 0,03
Zinc (Zn) 0,002
Boron (B) 0,70
Molybdenum (Mo) 0,001
Copper (Cu) 0,001

Fully water soluble – pH: 10 – Electrical Conductivity (25 ± C): 114.4 mS / cm

Corp* Water lubrication liters / 10 acres Foliage
liters / 100 liters of water
fruitful trees 6-8 per application 200 – 300
Vegetables 6-8 per application
(repeat after 10-15 days during the flowering period)
200 – 300

* Tomato under cover: repeat the application every 6 days during the flowering – fruiting. Melon, watermelon, cucumber, pepper: apply from flowering, fruit set to fruit formation. Vine: apply during flowering Olive: apply every 12-15 days from the beginning of flowering Cherry: apply every 15 days from the beginning of flowering. Apples: 3 applications from the beginning of flowering.