It is a liquid fertilizer special for improving the quality of the fruits and increasing their weight. It has a special composition with suitable amino acids, polysaccharides and macro- and micro-nutrients, so it combines biostimulation with special nutrition to achieve good maturation and quality but also good production height, especially in fruits and vegetables. The amino acids it contains are derived from the enzymatic hydrolysis of proteins of plant origin.

It is applied dissolved in water from the root or foliage. Improves the color, aroma, size and weight, consistency and post-harvest preservation of the fruit. Stimulates the composition of anthocyanins for better color, and the growth and ripening of fruits and is very effective even in adverse conditions. It has high foliar absorption efficiency.
Brand: Uvio R&DCountry of origin: Ιταλία

Fruit improvement foliar combines biostimulation with special nutrition for good ripening and quality, as well as good production height.


Concentration (% w / w)

Free amino acids

Potassium (K2Ο) 8,00
Calcium (Ca) 2,00
Manganese (MgO) 2,00
Zinc (Zn) 0,10
Boron (B) 0,10
Molybdenum (Mo) 0,10
Polysaccharides 15

Fully water soluble – pH: 5 – Electrical Conductivity (25 ± C): 86.2 mS / cm


Water lubrication liters / 10 acres

Foliage liters / 100 liters of water

Fruitful trees 2,5-4 per application 200 – 300
Wine grapes 2,5 per application 200 – 300
Table grapes 4 per application 200 – 300
Vegetables 1,5-2 per application 200 – 300

It should be applied from after fruit set until the fruit thickens, especially before and at the beginning of ripening, with 2-3 applications every 10-15 days.