Drosinal trap

Food trap for monitoring or mass trapping of the bipedal insect Spot- ted Wing Drosophila – Drosophila suzukii. The insect is attracted by the special colors of the trap (red and black) and by the special, aromatic trophic attractive liquid it contains (DROSINAL LURE), it is led to its entrance thanks to the special shape of the shelter, it enters through a sieve that prevents the entry of larger insects and is mechanically trapped – it drowns in the food-attracting liquid contained in its container. It does not contain chemicals or insecticides. It is made of sturdy, durable plastic with a long life. Recommended for cherry and plum orchards and mountain plantations of strawberry, bilberry, raspberry or red vine varieties. It hangs in the coolest and wettest parts of the orchard / plantation and mainly on the side adjacent to forest areas

Brand: ICB pharmaCountry of origin: Poland