Biona enhancer

It is a nutritional product that contributes to the vitality of plant growth while combined with other foliar or agrochemicals it contributes to the acidification of the solution and helps in their better wetting and absorption from the plant surfaces. At the same time it helps to clean them from honeydew, fats and smoke.

Brand: BionaCountry of origin: Spain

Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5)

7.8 % β/β

Total nitrogen (N)

10.2 % β/β

pH of 1% solution in neutral reaction water

5.4 ± 1.0

It is applied foliar with a spray that covers the lower surface of the leaves in trees and vegetables, at a dose of 4-7 liters / ton. Thanks to its acidic pH it can be combined with insecticides improving their action. It must not be applied at extreme temperatures below 50C or above 300C. Keep protected from sunlight.

Safety data sheet

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