Biostimulants with the quality guarantee of the biostimulant specialist multinational Daymsa

Dr. S. Katerini, Technical Director of Agriside Crop Care

Branded and renowned Daymsa biostimulators with top efficiency for stimulating growth and dealing with abiotic stresses (stress) distributed by the specialized nutrition and biostimulation company Agriside CropCare. Two products stand out from the catalogue, Naturamin WSP® an innovative antistress biostimulant, based on amino acid technology and Natural WSP® an hormone regulator from natural origin. Applied in biostimulation and nutrition strategies, they promote vigorous growth maximize the productive potential of the corp. For a significant improvement in the quantity and quality of production, a fact of particular importance in conditions of climate change and economic crisis. With neutral pH and very good compatibility with agrochemicals. With approval for use in organic farming as well.

Naturamin WSP   

Formulation of natural amino acids of a special production method and raw material resulting in a special composition and ratio of amino acids (aminogram) for a very strong stimulation of the plant’s physiological functions and a top anti-stress effect! It has the highest concentration of free, left-handed amino acids (80% w/w) in the market and therefore fully usable, thanks to its production quality.

Naturamin WSP outstand for its content of Aminoacids Serine (14%) and Proline (12%), wich offers strong protection against osmotic stress (extreme temperatures, drought, salinity, etc). Moreover Serine is an efficient precursor of glycine betaine (GB), which is the decisive osmoprotective substance of the cell which, thanks to Serine, is formed where it should, that is, inside the chloroplasts. Naturamin-WSP also offers plants strong protection against oxidative stress, thanks to its significant content of Phenylalanine which is a precursor of phenolic antioxidants, but also Glutamic acid, Glycine and Cysteine which make up the important antioxidant tripeptide Glutathione. It also has a high content of Arginine and Methionine which are precursors of polyamines, hormones and growth-stimulating substances and contribute to dealing with stress. At the same time, Glutamic acid, Alanine, Arginine and Lysine contribute to the production of chlorophyll, Proline, Arginine and Leucine contribute to good fruit set, Phenylalanine (as a precursor of pigments), Valine and Histidine to good ripening and quality of fruits. It therefore ensures unstressed plant growth from: extreme temperatures and fluctuations, strong wind, UV radiation, lack of water, high soil conductivity and salinity, phytotoxicity caused by agrochemicals, etc. Thus we have better protection against stress, abundant flowering – fruiting, root and vegetative growth, development, ripening and quality of fruits/harvestable organs.

Natural WSP

Natural WSP is biostimulant and hormone regulator from natural origin. Algae biomass that grows in the most unfavorable conditions (North Atlantic  sea) such as very extreme temperatures is chosen as raw material, so they contain high concentrations of anti-stress and biostimulating substances. In fact, raw material of Natural WSP contains several substances with a remarkable biostimulating effect such as: vitamins , antioxidants, [CL1] oligopeptides, polypeptides, polyamines, oligosaccharides, polysaccharides, mannitol, alginic acid, betaines, etc. Moreover Natural WSP provides natural  phytohormones, auxin & gibberellin, wich are less aggressive and more balanced than synthetic hormones. At the same time, its quality processing and production process ensures the maintenance of the availability and activity in plants of these substances. It is a highly stimulating preparation that:

  1. increases the level of chlorophyll and antioxidants in plants,
  2. gives a strong boost to root and vegetative growth,
  3. stimulates flowering and  fruit set,
  4. promotes final fruit size and good concentration of sugars (brix).

Applied foliarly it stimulates the fruit set, size and ripening of developing fruits, while applied from the ground it stimulates the root, the regeneration of stressed plants and favors the growth of microflora.