SETIVOL is a liquid biostimulator specially designed to enhance flowering and fruiting and therefore increase production in fruit plants, thanks to the high content of 11 suitable free amino acids by enzymatic hydrolysis of proteins of plant origin (mainly glutamic acid, tryptophan and tryptophan ), molybdenum, boron and hydrocarbons. Contributes to homogeneous flowering, large size of sepals of flowers, production of large amount of fertile pollen and good germination and finally to good fertilization and fruiting. plants and improves their resistance to stress. It is applied foliar and / or hydrolurated, even in hydroponic or generally in off-soil crops.

Brand: Uvio R&DCountry of origin: Ιταλία


Free counterclockwise amino acids 12,0% w/w
Boron (B) 2,0% w/w
Molybdenum (Mo) 3,0% w/w
Fully water soluble – pH: 9 – Electrical Conductivity (25
C): 74,7 mS/cm
Corp Water lubrication liters / 10 acres Foliage
liters / 100 liters of water
Fruitful trees 2-3 just before the beginning of flowering 0,5-1,5
Tomato 2-3 every 6 days before the flowering of each “cross” 1,5
Melon, watermelon 2 before flowering 1
Zucchini, cucumber 2 immediately after each flowering 1
bean 2 with repetitive applications after each harvest 0,5
Other vegetables 2-3 before flowering 0,5-1,5

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