Plonvit opty 20-20-20

Balanced crystalline fertilizer NPK 20-20-20 + high quality trace elements. It has a high concentration of “pure” nutrients fully complexed as well as stimulants, suitable for both foliar application and hydro-lubrication. Thanks to INT (Innovative Nutrient Transfer) technology, nutrients enter the tissues quickly and also move quickly through the plant. The special composition of the fertilizer ensures the good intake and utilization by the plants of all the nutrients but also the stimulation of their metabolism and therefore the good growth of the plants throughout the growing season. It is especially recommended in periods of intense growth and for plant recovery in cases of stress, often together with an amino acid preparation. Among the trace elements it also contains Titanium (Ti)

Brand: IntermagCountry of origin: Poland


Total nitrogen (N) 20% w/w
Nitrate nitrogen (NO3) 3,2% w/w
Ammonia nitrogen (NH4) 1,5% w/w
Uric nitrogen (NH2) 15,3% w/w
water soluble P2O5 20% w/w
P2O5 soluble in neutral ammonium citrate & in water 20% w/w
Potassium oxide (K2O) 20% w/w
Boron (B) 0,03% w/w
Copper (Cu) in chelated complex with EDTA 0,03% w/w
Iron (Fe) in chelated complex with EDTA 0,15% w/w
Manganese (Mn) in chelated complex with EDTA 0,07% w/w
Molybdenum (Mo) 0,002% w/w
Zinc (Zn) in chelated complex with EDTA 0,07% w/w

In all crops:
Foliage: Dose per spray: 0.4-1.5 kg / ton of water. With hydro-fertilization: 0.3-2 kg / ton of nutrient-fertilizing solution (10 acres). 100 L of water. From the root 0.05-0.1 kg of fertilizer in 100 L of water

It is mainly applied foliar in the form of an aqueous solution alone or in combination with other fertilizers or agrochemicals. Generally, 2–5 sprays are recommended every 7–14 days during periods of rapid growth and critical stages of plant growth (pre-flowering, fruit set, fruit thickening), as well as during periods of limited nutrient uptake by the root system.