Plonvit kali 11-12-38

Crystalline water soluble fertilizer NPK rich in potassium: 11/12/38 + high quality trace elements. It has a high concentration of “pure” nutrients fully complexed as well as stimulants, suitable for both foliar application and hydro-lubrication. Thanks to INT (Innovative Nutrient Transfer) technology, nutrients enter the tissues quickly and also move quickly through the plant. The special composition of the fertilizer ensures the good intake and utilization by the plants of all the important nutrients but also the stimulation of their metabolism, especially during the growth and ripening of the fruits.

Brand: IntermagCountry of origin: Poland
Ingredient content

All ingredients are water soluble.

in % (w/w)


Total nitrogen (Ν) 11,0
Nitrate nitrogen (NO3) 8,5
Uric nitrogen (NH2) 2,5
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) 12,0
P2O5 soluble in neutral ammonium citrate and water 12,0
water soluble P2O5 38,0
Oxide of kalium (K2O) 5
Boron (B) 0,030
Copper (Cu) forms a chelate complex with EDTA 0,030
Iron (Fe) forms a chelate complex with EDTA 0,150
Manganese (Mn) forms a chelate complex with EDTA 0,070
Molybdenum (Mo) 0,002
Zinc (Zn) forms a chelate complex with EDTA 0,070

It is recommended in periods of increased plant needs for potassium, especially in the period from flowering and fruit development to ripening, as well as in dry conditions or in periods of low temperatures.


The proposed recommendations are of a general nature. They can be modified, taking into account the special needs of the plants and the growing conditions. 2–5 sprays are recommended, every 7–14 days. PLONVIT KALI is used during periods of rapid growth and critical stages of plant growth, as well as during periods of limited nutrient uptake by the root system. In case of nutrient deficiency, operations are performed every 2-4 days
Extensive crops – recommended concentration 0.4-1.5% (0.4-1.5 kg of fertilizer per 100 liters of solution) Amount of spray liquid 20–50 liters / acre.


Vegetable cultivation – recommended concentration 0.2–1.0% (0.2–1 kg of fertilizer per 100 liters of solution) Amount of spray liquid 20–75 liters / acre. Solution preparation: Fill the spray tank to 1⁄2–2⁄3 with water. With stirring in operation, add to the mixing container or enter the PLONVIT KALI fertilizer that you have prepared earlier in a separate container with a ratio of 1 kg of fertilizer per 5 liters of water. Fill the container to the desired point. Use the solution immediately after preparation. When applying, avoid intense sunshine, high temperatures and wind that carries the droplets.
PLONVIT KALI can be used for the preparation of ready-to-fertilize solutions or high-strength solutions – for dilution before administration to plants. Recommended period of use: high content solution within 7 days, while the ready solution within 48 hours from its preparation. The proposed recommendations are of a general nature. They can be modified taking into account the specific needs of the plants and the growing conditions, including the water content used to make the material. The PLONVIT KALI fertilizer solution is prepared in a separate container from the calcium fertilizer solution.
Indicative amounts of fertilizers for ready-made fertilizer solution:
0.3–2 kg of fertilizer per 1000 liters of solution (0.03–0.2% solution)
When preparing a high-strength solution the amount of fertilizer must be increased, eg in a 100-fold solution used
respectively 30-200 kg of fertilizer. When PLONVIT KALI is used in spray liquid together with other fertilizers it must not exceed 0.2% of the total concentration of all the components of the material

Safety data sheet

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