Special liquid biostimulant formulation of active and fully assimilable silicon with iron, fully water soluble that is absorbed by plants quickly and efficiently thanks to the special INT technology (Innovative Nutrient Transfer) that has and that complexes nutrients with organic compounds. Thanks mainly to silicon, it strengthens cell walls, reduces perspiration, promotes photosynthesis and oxygenation of roots. Thus it stimulates the growth of the root, the absorption of nutrients and the metabolism of the plants, their resistance to drought, salinity, toxicity from aluminum and other stresses and their defense mechanisms. Improves the quality of the fruits, especially the solanaceous and stone fruits and their resistance to treatments. Its applications are recommended before predicted water scarcity or heat or low temperatures and in orchards (mainly cherry, nectarine and some apple varieties) during fruit growth after fruit set and especially in view of rain to reduce the vulnerability of the fruit to cracking or dehydration.

Brand: IntermagCountry of origin: Poland
Silicon oxide (SiO2) 16,5% w/w (200 g/lt)
Iron (Fe) chelate with EDTA 2 % w/w (24 g/lt)

pH (acidity) 8.0 ± 0.5 in a 1% solution of desalinated water

Foliage 50 ml / acre
Hydro-lubrication 0.18-0.28 liters / ton of nutrient material

Safety data sheet

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