Mikrovit zn

Liquid, concentrated foliar fertilizer with organic complexing compounds, which ensure good foliar absorption of zinc by plants and facilitate the combined use of the fertilizer with other agrochemicals. The fertilizer is especially recommended during the periods of intensive plant growth and in the critical stages of their growth, at the beginning of vegetation growth to prevent cachexia-dwarfism of vegetation and plants and microleaf and for good resistance to low temperatures, pre-flowering for good flowering – fruiting , when growing fruits to intensify photosynthesis and avoid microcarpe

Brand: IntermagCountry of origin: Poland
Zinc (Zn), water soluble 8,4 % β/β

pH (acidity) 4.1 ± 0.5 in a 1% solution of desalinated water

Foliage: 100-300 ml / acre, with good wetting

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