Mikrochelat zn 15

ULTRA WG water-soluble zinc chelate fertilizer with high concentration EDTA: 150 g Zn per kg. Contributes to photosynthesis and production by the plant auxin, ultimately to good plant growth and fruit thickening. It is applied both by hydro-lubrication and foliar in aqueous solution.

Brand: IntermagCountry of origin: Poland
Zinc complexed with EDTA 15% w/w

Product stable in pH 2–10.

Hygroscopic product – stored in a hermetically sealed package, in a dry place.

EXTREME CROPS (corn, cotton, sunflower, potatoes, soybeans and other legumes, flax, cereals, rice)

foliage application 25–100 g/acre

Water Lubrication with Sprinkler

100–300 g/acre

Application on the ground

100–300 g/acre

FRUIT (apples, nuts, stone fruits,) CITRUS, OLIVE, AVOCADO, BANANA

foliage application 50–100 g/acre
hydro lubrication 200–300 g/acre



foliage application 25–100 g/acre
hydro lubrication 300–500 g/acre
Application on the ground400–600 g/acre


foliage application 150–450 gr of products in 100–300 L water /acre

Safety data sheet

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