Algalea L

Organic plant growth stimulant from North Atlantic algae extract (Ascophyllum nodosum). Liquid yeast extract containing brown algae obtained directly by extraction with water. A completely natural plant product, containing over 65 elements that promote growth and are useful for the vital functions of the plant, including alginates, enzymes, proteins and a large amount of cytokines and auxins present in the algae itself. Improves plant endurance and reduces transplant stress, reduces the effects on plants of stress, improves nutrient absorption, stimulates and improves maturation.

Brand: L.E.ACountry of origin: Ιταλία

Organic Nitrogen (N)


Organic carbon (C) of biological origin

12,0 %
Organic substance from algae extract with nominal molecular weight <50kDa 30,0 %

pH of product at a concentration of 1% w / w 8.0 ± 0.5



150-200 ml / 100 lit

Fruit trees

150-200 ml / 100 lit


120-200 ml / 100 lit

Extensive crops

160-280 ml / 100 lit

From the root


1-2 lit /στρ
Fruit trees 0,4-1 lit /στρ
Florists 1-2 kg/στρ
Extensive crops 0,6-1 lit /στρ

Στο θερμοκήπιο οι δόσεις μειώνονται κατά 20%

Εγκεκριμένο για χρήση στη Βιολογική Γεωργία

Safety data sheet

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