Natursal express

Drastic improver of saline soils or soils irrigated with low quality water. It achieves the washing away of the accumulated sodium salts by restoring the soil structure and the availability of nutrients to the plants, thanks to its composition and the calcium it contains. It also treats disorders in the physiology of plants due to lack of calcium or due to inability to be absorbed by plants. Particularly sensitive crops are soybeans and squash, leafy and rhizome vegetables, strawberry and fruit trees.

Brand: DaymsaCountry of origin: Spain
Calcium (CaO) 12,7% w/w
pH < 2

It is recommended to make several applications during the growing season to achieve correct and lasting results. Application to the soil, by adding it to the irrigation water

General dose: 2-5 liters / acre depending on the conditions.

Safety data sheet

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