Liquid calcium fertilizer with potassium, magnesium, nitrogen and boron that prevents physiological disorders due to deficiencies or poor ratio of these nutrients (Ca / K + Mg ratio disorder). Thanks to its excellent penetration ability, its composition and especially thanks to the appropriate ratio between nutrients, it prevents the drying of the back of the grapes in the vineyards and improves the quality and preservation of the fruits, but also the quality of the leaves in the leafy plants. It can be applied by foliar sprays or by hydro-lubrication

Brand: DaymsaCountry of origin: Spain


Calcium (CaO) water soluble 14.40% w/v (10.0% w/w)
Magnesium (MgO) water soluble 2.88% w/v (2.0% w/w)
Boron (B) water soluble 0.15% w/v (0.1% w/w)
Nitrogen Nitrogen (N) 11.52% w/v (8.0% w/w)
Potassium (K2O) 7.20% w/v (5.0% w/w)

pH of the product solution at a concentration of 1%: 7.95 (in water with a pH of 7.44)

• Foliage 0.3-1 liter / acre. Precautionary 0.2-0.3 liters / acre with repetitions every 10 days or so.

• Watering 3-4 liters / acre Smaller doses are suggested at the beginning of growth.