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Liquid fertilizer-stimulator containing micronutrients for administration by soil spraying or hydro-fertilization both before or after planting or at the beginning of vegetation in perennial crops and by repetition later in non-fertile soils, to improve soil conditions and to nourish plants. Thanks to its special composition and MAC (Metabolically Active Compounds) technology of CYTOZYME, it mainly promotes the nourishment, growth-multiplication and action of endemic beneficial microorganisms of the soil (bacteria, actinomycetes and fungi). Thus it improves in all soil types their biological and physicochemical properties as well as their structure (mainly aeration), promoting root growth and the availability and absorption of all nutrients, including those it contains. Therefore it promotes the growth of plants from an early age and finally their yield.

Brand: CytozymeCountry of origin: Αμερική
Zinc water soluble (Zn) 2,30%
Boron water soluble (Β) 0,20%
Copper water soluble (Cu) 1,20%
Cobalt water soluble (Cο) 0,09%
Molybdenum water soluble (Μο) 0,04%

It is applied to all crops in herbaceous plants with planting, while in orchards, vineyards and alfalfa in early spring. The application is done by spraying the soil either universally-frontally on the whole area or only along the sowing / planting lines (linear). It can be applied with standard spraying equipment or with the irrigation system. Use a sufficient amount of water to have very good coverage and penetration of the solution into the soil.

Application doses are related to the mechanical composition of the soil and its content of organic matter, as well as whether the application is universal or linear.
In soils with low organic matter content (less than 2%) apply the highest doses.

DOSAGE in ml / acre

Soil type Universal – frontal Linear
Sandy 120-240 60-120
Clayy 90-180 45-90
Clayy 60-120 30-60


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