Quetion B

Quetion B is organic boron to prevent or correct related nutritional deficiencies. It is 1005 complexed with ethanolamine which ensures a high level of solubility in water and assimilation by plants. Its application prevents or corrects B deficiency, prevents poor fruit set and not good growth of roots, buds, leaves, shoots and fruits. Improves the assimilation of phosphorus and potassium, the good germination of pollen, the resistance to low temperatures, the good cell division of meristems and carp and the good formation of cell structures and walls. In deciduous trees it improves tissue wooding and facilitates entry into lethargy.

Brand: BionaCountry of origin: Spain

Total Boron (B) water soluble 10% w / w

Complicating factor: Ethanolamine

First irrigation: 3-4 liters / 10 acres.

Preventive for maintenance: 2-3 liters / 10 acres.

With slight deficiency: 4-5 liters / 10 acres.

With severe malnutrition: 5-6 liters / 10 acres.