Naturquel mg

Fully water-soluble and digestible liquid magnesium gluconate nutrient product specific for foliar applications, but can also be applied from soil to prevent and treat magnesium deficiencies, to improve leaf color (chlorophyll component) and photosynthesis and therefore plant growth and photosynthesis. fruits. Particularly important product for vines, kiwi and vegetables, especially if there is difficulty in absorbing magnesium from the soil (eg due to competition in high potassium supply).

Brand: DaymsaCountry of origin: Spain
Magnesium (MgO), complexed with gluconic acids, water soluble 10,2% w/v (8% w/w)

PH range at which good solubility of the complex is ensured:
between 3.5 and 9.0 pH of the product solution at a concentration of 1%: 7.35 (in water with a pH of 7.44)

Foliage 1-2.5 liters / ton
From soil 100-200 ml / acre

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