Biona ultra k

Liquid Fertilizer K special technology. Its special composition contributes to the effective and rapid absorption by the roots or leaves of plants and to the good mobility of potassium in plants, even in conditions of salinity stress. Thanks to its high content of organic acids and the form of potassium carboxylic acid, it favors the good absorption of water and nutrients from the root and their distribution to all organs of the plant. The organic acids contained in BIONA ULTRA K participate in the Krebs cycle for the formation of ATP and have a high ability to chelate trace elements found in soil or irrigation water, favoring their absorption by plants. It is especially important to administer it from the fruit set and during the growth of the fruits until the beginning of their ripening, as well as in view of the risk of water stress.

Brand: BionaCountry of origin: Spain

Foliar Potassium Fertilizer for effective and rapid absorption by the roots or leaves of the plants and good mobility of potassium within the plants, even in conditions of stress due to salinity.

Potassium oxide (K2O), water soluble 20,0% w/w

Chlorine free
pH: 7.0
Salinity: 5.6×10-4 mg / L Electrical conductivity: 87.2 mS / cm Density: 1.35 g / cm3

It is highly recommended in the growth stages of the root system, the stem and the fruits of fruits, citrus fruits and vegetables. In preventive malnutrition applications, it is recommended to be applied from the root. Foliage is recommended to be applied, if immediate and rapid correction is required, or if it should be applied at the beginning stage of fruit ripening. The combination of BIONA ULTRA K with BIONA WEIGHT at the beginning and during the ripening of the fruits improves their quality and size.


• Application from the root: 0.3-0.5 liters / acre and application in the stage of increasing the size of the fruit until the annual application of 3-5 liters / acre.

• Foliar application: 200-400 cc / 100 liters