Biona proraiz

Wheat plant extract containing selected amino acids derived from enzymatic hydrolysis of wheat proteins (6% free counterclockwise amino acids), polysaccharides (8%) and other biostimulants. Specially designed to stimulate the growth of root hairs, cell division for root tip growth and overall root growth-elongation and function, ultimately helping plant nutrition and growth.

Brand: BionaCountry of origin: Spain

Wheat plant extract with amino acids, polysaccharides

100 % w/w

pH of 1% solution in neutral reaction water

5.2 1.0

It is applied to all crops from the root in the early stages of plant growth and when the root needs renewal (eg after nematode infestation) or when the plants have a significant fruit load, etc.

In vegetables, applications are suggested starting from transplanting.

Dose: 5-7 liters / 10 crowns with water lubrication and 1-2 repetitions in the next water lubrications. Increase the dose by 50% if irrigation is by flow.

Safety data sheet

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