Biona organic ultra

Liquid product for soil improvement and plant nutrition, of plant origin. Auxiliary to plant growth. It is a liquid, organic product of nutrition and stimulation of plants for hydro-fertilization, of plant origin. It comes from the extraction of plant by-products such as sugar beets. Thanks to the high percentage of organic matter it contains and especially thanks to its humic extract, it improves the properties of the soil by increasing the availability of nutrients for the plants. At the same time, thanks to its content of specific amino acids, but also phyto-hormones and few nutrients, it has a stimulating effect on the growth of plants that are hydrolyzed. The product is microfiltered and stabilized to avoid fermentation and blockages.

Brand: BionaCountry of origin: Spain
Organic matter 43.0 %
Total nitrogen (N) 4.7 %
Organic carbon 23 %
Total humic extract 24 %
free amino acids 24 %

Its use is recommended in all crops and especially in fruit and vegetables and soil ornaments, preferably by hydro-fertilization.
From soil: 75-150 liters / 10 acres / cultivation cycle.

Approved for use in Organic Agriculture

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