Biona mimosa

Natural product of a mixture of plant extracts that stimulates the metabolism helping the rapid and smooth growth of plants. It provides them with important proteins, amino acids and phenolic compounds that, among other things, contribute to the strengthening-thickening of cell walls, rapid wound healing and tissue regeneration.

Brand: BionaCountry of origin: Spain

Mixture of plant extracts of households. Fabaceae & Fagaceae

100 % w/w

pH of 1% solution in neutral reaction water

4.5 ± 1.0

Its use is recommended mainly in vegetables (leafy, squash, solanaceous, legume) from the root or foliar already from transplanting and mainly in the early stages of their development.

From the root: 2-3 liters / 10 acres with repetition during the next watering. Foliage: 150-250 cc / 100 liters. Do not exceed the recommended doses. Use in solutions with a neutral or near-neutral reaction.

Product approved for use in Organic Agriculture

Safety data sheet

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