Biona br power

Liquid mixture of complex micronutrients with lignosulfonic acids (LS). Prevents and treats nutritional deficiencies of the trace elements Cu, Mn and Zn, contributing to good photosynthetic activity and good growth and endurance of plants.

Brand: BionaCountry of origin: Spain


Water-soluble copper (Cu) complexed with LS

1.6 % w/w

Manganese (Mn) water soluble complexed with LS

0.9 % w/w

Zinc (Zn) water soluble complexed with LS

0.6 % w/w

Complexing factor

Lignosulfonic acids

pH of 1% solution in neutral water

3.5 ± 1.0
Stable in range pH: 1-10


The application of BIONA BR POWER is recommended to be done with foliar sprays in periods when we want to enhance the growth and development of new vegetation, especially in unfavorable conditions and in cases where there is a possible risk of Cu, Mn or Zn malnutrition (eg after from foliar analysis or in alkaline soils).

Foliage: 300-500 cc / 100 liters. In vineyards: 2 liters / 10 acres of foliage From the root: 3-5 liters / 10 acres

Product approved for use in Organic Agriculture