Biona B3

Liquid Fertilizer N (3.9%) and complexed Fe (5%) with factors that aid plant growth. Natural biostimulator, which thanks to its high percentage in algae extract, free amino acids and iron (Fe) stimulates and promotes plant growth, chlorophyll synthesis and vegetation growth, flowering and fruiting, fruit growth but and helps to overcome stress. Thanks to its composition, it prevents and treats with foliar application chlorosis related to iron deficiencies but also contributes to the absorption of other nutrients.

Brand: Biona


Seaweed extract (Ascophyllum nodossum)

15,0% w/w

Alginic acid

1,5% w/w


0,5% w/w

Free amino acids

4,5% w/w

Total nitrogen (N)

3,9% w/w

Potassium oxide (K2O)

1,0% w/w

Water (Fe) water soluble

5,0% w/w

Iron (Fe) complexed

5,0% β/ β

Chelating agent: Gluconic acid pH: 3.0 Salinity: 1.5 x 10-4 mg / L Electrical conductivity: 23.8 mS / cm Density: 1.24g / cm3 C / N: 10

Its use is recommended: • for the treatment of foliar iron deficiency, • activation of plants after winter dormancy and improved flowering, • Improving fruit set and early carp growth.

Do not apply after the fruits start to ripen.

The product is recommended for all crops, but is particularly beneficial in vineyards, citrus fruits, fruit trees and horticultural vegetables and when growing fruits. It is recommended to be applied in combination with BIONA BR POWER with the aim of enhanced positive effect on stem growth. Although it can also be used from the root, foliar application has increased effectiveness especially in trees. In fruit trees such as citrus, the minimum dose of BIONA B3, shortly before or at the onset of ripening, improves fruit size.

From the root: 0.4-0.8 liters / acre

Foliage: 200-400 cc / 100 liters of water In the vinifiable vineyard: 0.2 liters / acre, foliar.

To prepare the spray solution, it is recommended to fill the tank up to 3/4, add the recommended dose of product, stir until complete homogenization, fill the tank to 100% solution and continue stirring for perfect homogenization.

Safety data sheet

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