Biona algar

Liquid seaweed extract, stimulant for foliar application or from the root. Auxiliary product for plant growth. BIONA ALGAR is a biostimulant preparation that thanks to its composition based on algae extract stimulates and promotes the growth and vitality of plants as well as their endurance, helping to deal with stress and especially for their overcoming and recovery of plants

Brand: BionaCountry of origin: Spain

Algae extract (Ascophyllum nodossum)

29,0% w/w

Free amino acids

0,7% w/w

Alginic acid

1,5% w/w


0,5% w/w

Conductance 47,4 mS/cm

pH: 10,3

Its use is recommended for:

• Promoting the first growth, vitality, good flowering and fruiting.

• Improving fruit size growth and early ripening.

• General improvement of growth and overcoming of plant stresses.

Foliage: 200-350 ml / 100 liters of water

From the root: 3-6 liters / 10 acres